Build a Bridge. Share a Hoot!

For all the changes and transformations in how we’re raising our children during these times, some basics remain constant. For example, the need for shared play time between parents and children – and the essential role parents play in helping their kids connect with literature and develop their imaginations. While we can’t turn the tide on technological advances, in today’s screen-based world, the challenge for parents and educators is simple: to ensure that we don’t forget the essentials of the parenting process. And that is where Hoot! comes in.

With Hoot! the ancient tradition of reading aloud to kids merges with 21st-century technology, allowing you to record and share – and re-listen to – your favorite stories whenever you want to and wherever you may be.

Just ask yourself: “What if we record a story?” Launch the app and you are already on your way. Next, you make your own choices and apply your own creativity: Which story shall we share today? Who will give voice to the story? Who will be the listeners? What is the story’s tone? Maybe you want to rehearse first. Then you might want to start imagining which music will be best and which sound effects to add at key moments.

Then comes the best part. Start recording, put yourself in the character´s shoes, and record a story that’s full of imagination, literature, and creativity. Everyone can get involved in creating and listening to a Hoot! It’s an activity that’s ideal for a family Sunday at home or a rainy afternoon.

And remember, a Hoot! can be heard around the world. Maybe you want to record one as a birthday present or for some other celebration, or simply a gift to surprise a loved one who lives far away or who is about to go on a trip and who will now be able to put their family’s voices and stories into their luggage. 

Sharing a Hoot! for the first time with someone is fun and surprising. Receiving a file, opening it, and hearing your family’s voices immersed in a magical world is unforgettable. And the effect doesn’t stop there. Receiving a personalized story generates a great desire to hear another, and then another.

The wheel that begins to turn keeps going, generating stories reminiscent of that first shared Hoot! and its effects, and creating the desire to respond by sharing another Hoot! 

Soon, you will create a whole library of stories told through the voices of loved ones. A real treasure. 

A special way to connect with grandparents

Sharing a Hoot! always guarantees a special moment. However, when it comes to grandparents, some of these moments are extra special, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As Hans Klunge, the head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) European office said recently: “I want to convey a message to the children, keeping your grandparents safe means that you cannot visit them in person, but call them, talk to them every day so that they do not feel alone. Physical distance does not have to mean social isolation.” 

As many families have already discovered, technology can be the bridge that keeps families connected – and allows grandparents and grandkids to maintain a daily bond. Sending love and sharing smiles through daily calls or video call have now become a habit, and many grandparents are now more comfortable than ever with technology!

Recording stories with the Hoot! app takes that connection to a whole new level. Kids can show their grandparents how their reading (and performing) skills are improving by creating Hoots! for grandma and grandpa. Grandparents can join in the fun by recording their favorites texts – or telling their own favorite stories – to send to the grandkids.

And because Hoots! can be saved and re-listened to, these precious moments can be enjoyed again and again. 

Get started today – and multiply their joy by sharing a Hoot!


Sharing a Hoot! for the first time with someone who’s never heard of it is very fun and surprising. Receiving a file, opening it, and hearing your family’s voices immersed in a magical world is unforgettable.