Let me tell you a story: the best gift for Dad on Father’s Day

Technology and warmth. Originality and tradition. In a year unlike any other, here’s an idea that will allow your kids to give Dad a gift unlike any other this Father’s Day. It’s perfect to share together – or equally splendid to enjoy alone. 

“Happy Father’s Day, Super Dad!” is a personalized story that reflects the wonder of the parent-child bond, and it’s especially designed to be recorded by the smallest members of the household (with a little help from Mom, if necessary). Available in two versions, based on your kids’ ages, it’s a gift that’s perfect for the times – and offered free on the Hoot! app.

Unique and unforgettable, “Happy Father’s Day, Super Dad!” is a home-made gift narrated in his child’s own voice that will both delight Dad on the day it’s received –

and become a meaningful and treasured memory in the future, something for Dad to carry with him and listen to again and again.

Delivered via cellphone, this original story captures the bond between father and child and reflects the most valuable aspects of the oral tradition: the transmission of literature through the spoken word, and the custom of sharing stories between parents and children. This time, however, it’s the child who tells the story – and the parents who sit back and listen.

“Happy Day, Super Dad!” is a simple text that designed for younger readers. It celebrates the role that a father plays in his child’s life – and how the day-to-day interactions we have with “Dad” create memories that stay with us for the rest of our lives. 

 “When it’s bath time and I’m ready to get out, after I’ve finished making drawings on the fogged up mirror and my fingers are getting pruney, all I need to do is splash around for a bit and my dad comes to pick me up with a nice fluffy towel, ready to save me from the shipwreck!”

Whether it’s a snack prepared for two, a run in the park, or a simple bathtime anecdote,  any or all of these moments can become a part of the personalized story that Hoot! is offering for Fathers’ Day. With its friendly design and colorful illustrations, your child can read the text as written, or personalize it with his or her own creativity. Then get even more creative by adding music and sound effects to the story – it’s all included, right in the app.

The gift of literature always pampers the soul, and all the more so when it is narrated in the voices of our children. 

The history of Father’s Day

The father-child bond is something that is created – and celebrated – every day. In fact, those everyday moments are the foundation of our special Hoot! story. But one day on the calendar is set aside especially to lavish attention on our fathers, and in many parts of the world this day falls on the third Sunday of June. Why is this?

This date was established in the United States and is now shared in many countries, though some celebrate it at other times of year. The idea for Father’s Day began with Sonora Smart Dodd, one of the daughters of Civil War Veteran William Jackson Smart. In 1865, after the conflict was over,  Smart was a widower, in charge of raising his six children. Sonora decided to pay homage to him through the dedication of a day to his honor, and this is how the first Father’s Day came to pass one June 19th.

From this humble beginning, the holiday was embraced by others and began expanding to different parts of the country. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge made it a national event, designed to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the measure of their obligations.” In 1966, Lyndon Johnson determined that the festivities would take place the third Sunday of each June. Finally, in 1972, Richard Nixon made it a permanent national holiday.

From that moment on, the tradition has remained. The third Sunday of June is a day to celebrate and to show appreciation to our fathers in many parts of the world. These men deserve gifts that make them feel special, fit for the superheroes that they are.


A personalized story that reflects the wonder of the parent-child bond, especially designed to be recorded by the smallest members of the household. This is what Hoot! offers with the new free audiobook “Happy Day, Super Dad!”